Why am i Not losing Weight on Keto Diet

I had a weight problem for over 10 years, no matter what diet I did it just didn’t stick. I would lose 10 or 20
pounds and then after 2 or 3 months I just couldn’t keep it up and would gain it all back (and then some…)

sound familiar?

I had the same problem with keto, I mean I loved keto but just couldn’t make it work, it’s like my hands
had their own will and kept going for those sweets over and over again. I thought those old habits would stay
forever, but I found a solution…I found a keto plan that changed it for me.

This plan helped me lose about 66 pounds and stay at that weight, and I know there are many plans out there, but I think for me it made a difference and worked for 2 simple reasons:

1. it was proactive – so emails were coming into my mailbox and I didn’t need to look for it.
2. The person behind it is the real thing and she helped me believe I can do it.

I remember going out of the doctor’s office and saying to myself – I need to do something today!
I can’t wait for tomorrow or the next week, I need to take a risk and make a change today!

My blood pressure was on the rise, cholesterol was too high, and I was afraid,
actually I was terrified. Every small ache that came I was sure it was a sign of something bad,
I was becoming paranoid for my body and health and had nightmares of losing my family.

So I said STOP. I need someone to guide me and help me.

That day I stumbled on Leanne’s web page and immediately fell in love,
I mean the women is just amazing and everything she puts out is pure gold.
That day I signed up for this diet plan:

And for $15/month I was getting complete 7-day meal plans, shopping lists, easy to prepare breakfasts,
lunches, dinners, time saving recipes…and the awesomeness just goes on. Everything was coming
to my inbox, I did nothing but focus on my Keto – and it worked!

I immediately started my 14 day trial and honestly never looked back,
this was the first day that I started losing over 60 pounds (it took me about 10 month).

I just couldn’t believe it was working, long term not just for the first 1-2 months, this never happened to me before.

So I urge you to take a look at Leanne’s diet plan and let me know what you think,
I’m curious to know if I’m the only one that thinks she is just AWESOME.


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